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"This stuff is a gift from the heavens! I have the most terrible, itchy, red and angrily inflamed eczema, that was until I started using your Paw Paw Body wash. For the first time in a long time I have found relief and have now decided that I will smell like Paw Paw for the rest of my life! Truly a miracle product and I am incredibly grateful to have found it! THANK YOU!!!!"

- Sarah I, New South Wales


"So happy I decided to try your Goats Milk Body Wash. I tend to get dry skin in winter and since using this product my skin has never felt so healthy and soft. Love it!"

- Rebecca, Queensland

"I love the Goat soap particularly great for my very dry skin thank you"

- Catherine, New South Wales

"After trying this in the MARCH 2018 BELLABOX, I just had to go and buy the full size. This natural paw paw body wash made by an Australian brand “Natures Commonscents” is amazing. The sweet smell of paw paw is intoxicating and I know it’s great for my skin with paw paw extract which gently soothes and moisturizes. This wash will leave your skin soft and comfortable. I also love the huge 600ml bottle with a pump for ultra convenience."

- Lisa, Queensland


"The Goat Milk Bar Soap is incredible! My daughter got a very bad eczema when she was 10 months old. I tried to wash her with this soap and her eczema almost completely gone after the first attempt. Now she's 2 years old. Her skin is so beautiful & smooth just like a newborn baby"

- Venazya, New South Wales

"If only I could rate higher! In love with the Paw Paw Body Wash!! I'm someone with sensitive dry skin and I choose no other brand than Natures Commonscents. When it comes to using something on my skin I choose no other body wash! No irritation, No dryness and No parabens or sulphates. To me It smells like yoghurt, which I love! Plus its AUSTRALIAN MADE so I know its keeping profits in this great country of ours and providing jobs for many. What a great feeling that is. Would happily be an advocate for this brand! Recommend it highly!"

- Kimberley, South Australia

"Highly recommend these products. Great for everyone in the family. Love using the Paw Paw body wash, smells amazing!"

- Mel, Victoria 

"The Paw Paw body wash and soap bar smell just amazing!!!"

- Brooke, South Australia

"I have very sensitive skin and don’t react well with a majority of body washes on the market. I’ve been using Q.V. and although that is the only body wash I can use, I noticed Commonscents recently at Woolies and decided to give the Goats Milk body wash a go. I am amazed! It cleanses and moisturises your skin without it drying your skin and my skin appears clearer. And the fragrance is subtle. I just love the fact how your brand is made in Australia using ingredients which is locally sourced. And the price is affordable! It’s definitely my regular body wash, now "

- Adriana, Victoria 


"The products made by these guys are literally the only things that I can use that don’t dry my skin out when used. I have been through literally hundreds of products over the years claiming similar things that they have no additives, allergens or irritants but they never do quite manage to live up to that spiel. It goes to show that a locally made and well researched products with honest-to-goodness aims have all the values and care other commercial brands refuse to honor. The Paw Paw Body Wash is the nicest smelling and most gentle product I have ever used and is highly recommended. The Goats Milk variant is every bit as good. They have a fragrance and texture to them that seems less artificial and more authentic than their competitors. Give them a go! I guess it makes Commonscents to do so."

- Alex, South Australia

"This soap is absolutely amazing on my dermatitis/dry prone skin. It keeps my skin very moisturized. Great all-round soap for the body, hands and even my hair. I love that they're Australian owned and made and the bars aren't wrap in plastic underneath the cardboard box! Highly recommended!"

- Sarah B, Western Australia


"Your products are fabulous and I am so happy to be supporting Australian owned and made products, especially ones that are sulphate & paraben free!"

- Andriana, New South Wales